Honey Joe's Family Coffeehouse
Coffee bar with shiplap base, espresso machine, and chalkboard menu

The Concept

Honey Joe's is named after a beloved teddy bear. Originally her Mom's, Susan adopted him as her own. He has accompanied her through every stage of her life: childhood, college, numerous moves, marriage, and parenthood. Now the cycle continues as her own kids adore him. Honey Joe encompasses our vision for a community hub: comfortable for all with an air of sophistication with a bow tie. Just as stuffed animals join us on our life journey, we want people in every stage of life to feel at home at Honey Joe's Family Coffeehouse.

To achieve this vision, we created a modern airy coffee bar with plenty of space and seating. It is perfect for relaxing, studying, working, or catching up with friends. An adjacent play area invites caregivers with young children while still offering delicious high quality beverages. A private meeting room, The Den @ Honey Joe's, creates a community event center where classes, workshops, meetings, parties and events can bring people together.

Susan's family apple picking with 2 kids and husband.

The Founder

Honey Joe's is proud to be a woman-owned business. Susan created the idea for Honey Joe's after having her daughter and she no longer was able to enjoy the traditional coffee shop setting she previously loved. She was also disappointed that facilities that catered to families did not often have anything for adults and served mediocre coffee. A lover of a good cappuccino, Susan knew there had to be a better way!

Susan, a graduate of the nursing school at Penn and a midwife/nurse practitioner, took the leap along with her husband, into building out her vision of a family-friendly coffee shop. She brought her love of La Colombe coffee, developed during her studies in Philadelphia, together with her vision for a community space. She has 2 kids, a cat, and a dog, enjoys hiking with the family (minus the cat) and unwinds with Zumba! Susan is thrilled to welcome you to Honey Joe's Family Coffeehouse.