Honey Joe's Family Coffeehouse

First Stage of Open Play at Honey Joe's!

We are excited to be able to open up the play area with permission from the City of Stamford! We are taking many steps to ensure everyone's safety.

We will be open in the following manner:

- Designated open play sessions
- Open play is limited to five tables each with four seats
- A seat is required for every member in your party
- Tables can be reserved in advance online
- Drop-ins are welcome if there are available tables for purchase
- COVID-Questionnaire and protocol acknowledgement are required for each group on the day of the session


Masks must be worn by adults and kids age 2 and over.
Masks must cover nose and mouth.
Masks may only be removed at your table and only while food and/or drinks are on the table.
Masks must be put back on when food/drink is finished.
Masks must be worn to go to coffee bar and restrooms.
Use hand sanitizer before entering play area
Food and drinks must remain at the tables. No food or drink allowed on play structures, book nooks, or blocks/trucks. No outside food or beverage.
Clean hands after eating before returning to play.
Do not move tables/chairs without permission in order to retain required spacing.
Socks must be worn in play area (no shoes).


Q: I do not have 4 people in my party, do I still have to pay for a whole table?
A: Yes, since we have to maintain 6ft spacing and cannot place separate groups at the same table.

Q: I have an infant. Do they need their own seat?
A: No, as long as they can sit on your lap at the table or stay in a carseat/stroller and they will not be playing.

Q: I have more than 4 people in my family / group who require separate seats. Do I have to purchase another table?
A: Yes. Each adult and child other than a lap infant needs their own designated seat. We can help combine tables, but due to spacing requirements, this may not always be possible. The maximum number of tables within a session that someone can reserve is 2.

Q: Why are you charging per table instead of per child?
A: The limiting factor to this space is the number of independent groups we can have. As a restaurant we need to maintain 6 ft distancing between seatbacks and between tables and play structures. This way we can ensure safety and make optimal use of the play area. We are only able to fit 5 tables of 4 seats with these protocols. It also inherently limits the number of people in the play area for added safety.

Q: How long are the sessions?
A: At this time we are booking 3 hour sessions. This is subject to change. You can arrive and leave at any point during the 3 hours. This also helps to space out groups, though you are welcome to stay for the full 3 hours.

Q: What does it cost to reserve a table?
A: $20 for weekdays, $30 for weekends. Payment is collected at the coffee bar prior to entering the play area.

Q: I am more comfortable with a private rental for a group of my choosing. Are private rentals still available?
A: Yes, private rentals are still available. Please contact us at info@honeyjoescoffee.com

Q: Sounds great! How do I reserve a table?
A: You can sign up online, just click the "Sign Up Here" link above. Payment is due at the time of the rental. Please let us know if you are unable to attend so we can release your table.

Q: How do I reserve more than 1 table?
A: Just go through the signup process a second time, using the same email address - it will then process you for 2 tables.

Q: I saw you had an open play session, but it isn't on the sign up page.
A: This either means the play session is fully booked, or the play session has already started. Drop-ins may still be available.